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JLBC Cyber safety guidelines for learners

JLBC Cyber safety guidelines for learners

This post outlines the responsibilities of learners as members of our online community. It can also be used to support discipline processes when necessary.

The JLBC program should directly oversee and is responsible for using devices, systems, and principles designed to support learning. This post outlines what the JLBC program considers appropriate professional conduct.

Step 1: Learner Responsibilities:

• Remain positive: Always respect others online and communicate constructively. Do not publish or create indecent, threatening, or offensive content.

• Protect privacy: Do not divulge sensitive personal information about another person or yourself in any communication. This includes sharing passwords, accessing online sites or devices belonging to others without consent, as well as taking screenshots and sharing this without permission.

• Act cautiously: Anything you do or post online can impact other people’s thoughts of you. Similarly, always carefully analyze whether the information you see online is accurate. If you are not sure of something, talk to an adult.

• Avoid online bullying: Forwarding or creating harmful, inappropriate, or malicious content is never okay at any time and may breach legislation. If you are harassing others by sending multiple messages, this is also considered cyberbullying and unacceptable.

• JLBC Cadets Be security smart: Keep personal information safe and secure by utilizing strong passwords and not sharing them with others.

• Check consent: Before downloading software onto devices or the school network, ask for permission. Interfering with the school systems, equipment/network, digital technologies, or the online security of another person is never appropriate.

• Recognise the work of others: Follow copyright and intellectual property requirements by accrediting references, images, text, audio, and videos appropriately.

• Respect the rights of others: Only share and record photo, video, or audio content if the people in it are aware of it and have provided consent.

• Use personal devices sensibly: Keep your device(s) on silent during school hours and only use it as indicated by the school unless a school staff member has permitted you to use it during lessons.

• Seek help: You or someone you know will often come across inappropriate or hurtful online content and behaviors or feel unsafe. JLBC Cadets If this happens, talk to a trusted adult about what can be done.

JLBC Cyber Safety Awareness Policies and Procedures

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