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JLBC Cyber Safety Awareness Policies and Procedures

JLBC Cyber Safety Awareness Policies and Procedures

JLBC Responsibility of the program leadership

The JLBC opportunities and risks of using cyberspace are well documented. JLBC Programs face the same cyber threats as other organizations and may be targeted by various cyber agents seeking to compromise their systems.

The education sector is highly dependent on ICT, and increasingly cyber incidents result in devasting consequences such as:

• Financial – A motive for hackers attacking an education institution is often for financial gain. Schools manage many learner fees and are a prime target for cybercriminals.

• JLBC Data theft – All institutions hold learner and staff data, including sensitive details such as addresses and names. This information can be valuable to cyber criminals who could potentially exploit it by releasing it to a third party.

• JLBC Reputational damage – Disgruntled individuals or groups of people can cause significant harm to a school’s reputation by spreading fake news or disclosing sensitive information on social media platforms.

• JLBC Psychological or physical harm – The misuse of social media can have a detrimental effect on both JLBC learners and teachers. JLBC Cadets Bullying or aggressive messaging may even spill over into actual scenarios where the physical safety of individuals is compromised.

• JLBC Financial loss – Cyber criminals can use various methods to defraud or extort money from schools or parents.

• JLBC Lawsuits – Schools are expected to comply with the laws and regulations of the country. JLBC Cadets Failure to do so may result in fines or even lawsuits from disgruntled community members.

JLBC Cadets There are sufficient reasons to improve cyber risk management for the typical SA school environment and minimize the harm caused by incidents.

JLBC Approach

JLBC Program leaders must collaborate with school administration, learners, teachers, parents (or caregivers), and local communities to adopt and implement a JLBC cyber safety approach.

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