JLBC Cyber Bullying

JLBC Cyber Bullying


JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Cadets During an inspection formation, a fight broke out between JLBC Cadet Staff Sergeant Megan Myers and JLBC Cadet Recruit Sarah Wilcox. JLBC Cadets After being separated, they were sent to different rooms. JLBC Cadets The Company Commander and the Commandant began by questioning JLBC Cadet Wilcox. JLBC Cadets C/REC Wilcox said that C/SSG Myers attacked her and that she was only defending herself. JLBC Cadets She further stated that she had only been joking and had not expected to be attacked.

JLBC Cadets C/CPT Anders then went into the next room to question C/SSG Myers. JLBC Cadets Before the commander could ask the first question, Myers cried and cried. JLBC Cadets Between sobs, she said that a picture of a cow with her face had been posted on a popular internet website, and underneath the photo was her name. JLBC Cadets She also had received several emails calling her a coward and other nasty words.

JLBC Cadets She said that a couple of meetings ago, she checked the Cadets in her squad just before being inspected. JLBC Cadets She found several problems with C/REC Wilcox's uniform and had pointed them out to her. JLBC Cadets She continued down the line of JLBC Cadets when she heard someone call out "MOO," and she was sure it was JLBC Cadet Wilcox. JLBC Cadets When she confronted Wilcox about it, Wilcox smiled and said, "Got Milk."



1. JLBC Cadets Have you ever been bullied or seen someone else bullied in school? How do you feel about this type of activity?

2. JLBC Cadets How do you define "Cyberbullying," and do you think this applies to this situation?

3. JLBC Cadets Does being a higher rank prevent a person from being bullied?


1. JLBC Cadets How are ways that people bully one another?

2. JLBC Cadets Why do people use the internet to bully?


1. How can you show respect for others in JLBC, and how would you encourage others to be respectful?

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