Animal Walks

• Cheetah run

• Bear walk – straight arms and legs to achieve a hamstring stretch

• Crouching tiger – bear walk with bent arms and legs

• Stink bug – bear walk sideways

• Crab walk

• Monkey walk – with arms arched downward, high knee walk

Ninja Blasts

• Jumps

Ninja Kicks

• Forwards, sideways, and backward

Army Crawl Dragon Tail

• Lever

Dragon Kick

• Lever hop, one legged handstand

Double Dragon Kick

• Donkey kick/handstand

Sneaky Ninjas

• Follow the leader being quiet, sneaky, stealth

Hula Hoop Cars

1. Every ninja gets their escape vehicle (hula hoop – hold the hula hoop by the sides while standing inside it).

2. Drive the cars around (run); after a little bit, stop and park the car (drop the hoop).

3. Have the ninjas blast out of the car and perform a vital ninja skill. dragon tails, dragon kicks, hands in the middle of the hoop, and double dragon kick feet around the hoop,

balance on one foot and strike a ninja pose.

4. Have fun with it! Ninja blast back into the car and do it all over again!

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