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JLBC Stranded: Survival

JLBC Cadet Corps Survival Creed

REQUIRED: Memorize the JLBC Survival Creed

1) I am a JLBC Cadet in the JLBC Cadet Corps and a future Leader. I will plan to achieve success and prepare for the unexpected circumstances that are out of my control.

2) As a JLBC Cadet, If I find myself in an unexpected survival situation, I will do what is needed to survive with integrity. I will never give up.

3) As a JLBC cadet, If others around me need assistance, I will render aid to others. I will work hard to maintain hygiene and health.

4) As a JLBC Cadet, nature provides my basic needs: Water, Food, Fire, Shelter, and Signals. It also provides dangers that can end my life.

5) As a JLBC Cadet, the most fantastic resource I have to meet my needs and avoid dangers is my brain. Daily, I will create a strategy to improve my situation.

6) As a JLBC Cadet, when I fail, I will improvise, adapt, and overcome. I will break impossible tasks into small achievements.

7) As a JLBC Cadet I will always remember who I am surviving for and will keep a positive mental outlook, because, I choose to survive.

✓ Completed (JLBC Commandant Signature): __________________________________

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