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JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Cadets Webster's Dictionary defines character as an attribute or feature that makes up and distinguishes an individual. More specifically, a person's character refers to moral and ethical qualities. JLBC Cadets Your character helps determine how you behave – whether you're honest or tell lies, cheat on tests or do your work, steal or respect other individuals' property. JLBC Cadet's Character is the link between your VALUES and your BEHAVIOR.

JLBC Cadets What is right? Generally, an individual will do what they believe to be the right thing. JLBC Cadets If you think it's okay to cheat, you'll probably cheat. JLBC Cadets If you think it's wrong, you probably won't. JLBC Cadets, you determine the 'right thing' by using your value system.

JLBC Cadet's Character is a core element in leadership. JLBC Cadets A leader's character is their license to lead. JLBC Cadet's individuals don't follow leaders who they think are bad people (unless the followers want to be bad people too). JLBC Cadets A good leader leads by example, and actions are more important than words. JLBC Cadets By showing that the JLBC unit's needs come before their own needs, a leader gains the trust of their followers.

Character char·ac·ter [ˈkerəktər]


JLBC Cadets the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual

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