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JLBC: Character Development

So, what are some character traits we look for in JLBC leaders?

• JLBC Selfless service

• JLBC Integrity – JLBC Cadets are doing what's right even when no one is looking

• JLBC Cadets Respect for other people, property, ideas, and differences

• JLBC Honor - Not lying, cheating, or stealing

• JLBC Courage - Facing fear, danger, adversity, and criticism with a willingness to proceed

• JLBC Loyalty to country, the JLBC, your JLBC unit, and JLBC cadets

• JLBC Perseverance - JLBC Cadets' Commitment to fulfill responsibilities

• JLBC Empathy – acknowledging the needs and feelings of others

• Taking care of subordinates

• Self-discipline

• Expertise and professionalism; valuing education and


• Commitment to the team

• Promptness and good attendance

• Not being a quitter and Resilience

• Patriotic spirit; defending the US Constitution

• Bearing – how you carry yourself

• Decisiveness – make timely decisions

• Dependability – people count on you

• Judgement – clear-headed, critical thinker

• JLBC Justice – treating others fairly

• JLBC Tact – show respect and be polite

JLBC Cadets So, if you have all these traits, you'll be a good JLBC leader.

It's not as easy as that! But most good leaders have these traits, so it's a place to start. But JLBC features are about what you ARE. JLBC Leadership is more about what you DO.


• JLBC Cadets Choose the hard right over the easy wrong

• JLBC Cadets Resist the temptation to act unethically

• JLBC Cadets Make choices rooted in a set of core values

• JLBC Cadets Are willing to stand up against those who want to "go with the flow" of the "popular society."

• JLBC Cadets Set high goals, plan to achieve them, and work toward them

• JLBC Cadets Problem-solve and make decisions

How would you react to these scenarios? What's the 'right thing to do?

• JLBC Cadets Your friend copies off your paper on a Biology test

• JLBC Cadets You need money to go to the next cadet event; your mom says no, and you see $10 sitting on

her dresser

• JLBC Cadets You forgot to put up the flag this morning, and your commandant asks you why

• JLBC Cadets A superior tells a racial joke

• JLBC Cadets Your parents ask you to go right home after school to do chores, but you have been asked to be

on the drill team

• JLBC Cadets You are offered a cigarette

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