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JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Duty: JLBC Cadets fulfill their obligations and can be counted on to complete the job. JLBC Cadets are trustworthy and hard-working. JLBC Cadets, take their JLBC duty assignments seriously by following their JLBC general orders and obeying all JLBC lawful orders they receive from JLBC superior officers and non-commissioned officers.

JLBC Enthusiasm: JLBC Cadets are passionate about their jobs as JLBC students and JLBC Cadets. JLBC Cadets share their excitement about life with others, especially subordinates. Even tasks that seem dull are taken seriously and accomplished according to expectations.

JLBC Respect: JLBC Cadets live the “Golden Rule” to treat others how they want to. JLBC Cadets They are good sports on the athletic field and appreciate the diversity and contributions of the many people in our society. They are friendly, tactful, and courteous.

JLBC Service: Cadets give their time, talents, and other resources to help others, exceptionally the less fortunate. JLBC Cadets do so selflessly and with a positive spirit. JLBC Cadets willingly participate in regular and meaningful service to their schools and communities.

JLBC HEALTHY: JLBC Cadets strive to be well-rounded individuals. They strive for high levels of wellness, health, and fitness. JLBC Cadets get enough sleep, eat healthy food, participate in a variety of fitness activities, both individually and in groups, and look out for their emotional well-being.

JLBC Integrity: JLBC Cadets do what is right, both legally and morally. JLBC Cadets They are clean-minded, and they set an example for others to follow. JLBC Cadets, do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do these things. Cadets place a high value on honesty.

JLBC Personal courage: JLBC Cadets face physical and moral danger with confidence. That does not mean they are not afraid; instead, they face their fears and can be heroic in situations of physical threat and remain faithful to their values in situations requiring moral courage. JLBC Cadets, know when to say “no” to something they know is wrong.

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