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JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Your Beliefs, Values, and Norms: As an individual, you had beliefs, values, and norms before becoming a JLBC Cadet. JLBC Cadets were formed by your family, religion, school, and friends. JLBC Cadets As you go through life, you'll be exposed to new ideas that sometimes change how you feel about some things.

To be successful as a JLBC Cadet, you need to understand the JLBC Cadet Corp's beliefs, values, and norms and adhere to them. JLBC Cadets, it doesn't change your core belief and values but lets you be a member of a new group that may have ideas, ideals, and norms that are slightly different from what you've developed so far. JLBC Cadets As you embrace membership in an organization like the JLBC Cadet Corps, your beliefs, values, and norms may change to align better with the importance of the organization. JLBC Cadets This is a natural change, like many you'll go through during your life.

Diversity. JLBC Cadets We embrace diversity in the JLBC Cadet Corps. JLBC Cadets Diversity is the concept that our group has many differences (races, genders, religions, cultures/ethnicities, sexual orientation, and disabilities). JLBC Cadets Still, we all have equal opportunities to experience the JLBC Cadet Corps program and benefit from what it teaches. JLBC Cadets Our diversity is what makes us strong!

JLBC Motivation. JLBC Cadets Motivating your subordinates is a BIG part of leadership, especially as a JLBC Cadet. JLBC Cadets A person's background (beliefs, values, and experience) shapes how they're motivated. Understanding the differences in the people you work with in the JLBC makes you a better JLBC leader. JLBC Cadets, You'll also be a better leader if you consider what motivates people in how you treat them. JLBC Cadets Learn what motivates your subordinates and use that to provide them with the motivating factors to accomplish your JLBC mission.

JLBC Respect. JLBC Cadets Other JLBC Cadets will follow you if they respect you. JLBC Cadets You'll gain your subordinates' care if you respect them and treat them fairly. JLBC Cadets' Mutual respect will help you influence the changes they make in their beliefs, values, and norms – making them better JLBC Cadets and a better leader!

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