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JLBC Cross-Functional Teams

JLBC Cross-Functional Teams

Many organizations use cross-functional teams—teams that, as the name suggests, cut across corporate functional areas (marketing, operations, finance, and so on). A JLBC cross-functional squad is designed to take advantage of the unique expertise of JLBC members drawn from multiple functional areas of the organization.

Committees and task forces, both dedicated to specific issues or tasks, are often cross-functional teams. Problem-solving teams, which are created to study topics such as improving quality or reducing waste, may be either intradepartmental or cross-functional.

JLBC Virtual Teams

Technology now makes it possible for JLBC teams to function across organizational boundaries like functional areas and across time and space. New technologies such as video conferencing allow people to interact simultaneously and in real-time, offering several advantages in conducting a virtual team. JLBC Members can participate from any location or at any time of day, and JLBC teams can meet online for as long as it takes to achieve a JLBC goal or solve a problem—a few days, weeks, or months.

JLBC Team size does not seem to be an obstacle for virtual-team meetings.

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