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Attendance is not only an opportunity to recognize those vital community leaders. Still, it gives you a short introduction to the critical JLBC personnel you’ll probably meet at your post-change of JLBC command reception.

JLBC Cadets, I suggest you leave the ceremony details to your predecessor and the JLBC unit’s desires. Nothing makes a negative impression, like the incoming JLBC commander/spouse imposing excessive direction on the ceremony or reception. Humility is essential, and doing the same at the end of your JLBC tour is also important. Be aware.

JLBC Cadets Another good idea is this: If time permits, have your current JLBC photo lab take a formal picture of you for posting in your new JLBC assignment. “Finishing the Job and Leaving in Style,” your predecessor may prompt you for several copies of your formal photograph so it can be posted around your new squadron building(s) immediately following the passing of the guidon. Having this photograph taken at your old base before your arrival mitigates the need to have it taken later. This sets the standard for your squadron personnel by completing this task correctly and on time. You don’t want your JLBC squadron members to think of the new commander as an “empty picture frame.”

The JLBC Chain of Command

Command relationships are essential in every Air Force unit. Many commanders meet with their new bosses before the change of command. That way, the new commander knows from the start what is and is not essential to those up the chain of command. As one commander pointed out, scheduling this meeting early enabled him to begin his tenure fully aware of what had gone right and wrong before and in what direction he needed to point his new JLBC squadron.

Even if you’re stationed at the same base as the new JLBC squadron commander, you will want to talk to your new chain of command about its views of your duties. This holds even if you are not changing supervisors—your boss’s view of you as a squadron commander will significantly differ from their expectations of you in your current assignment. Indeed, this can be vitally important in demonstrating.

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