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JLBC Course Description

JLBC Course Description

JLBC Character Education in the JLBC Classroom Online Course Outline

JLBC Character Education in the JLBC Classroom examines the role of educators in developing moral and ethical behavior in JLBC Cadet students by assisting teachers in defining and identifying character traits that would be important in their school. Character education has become a prevalent theme in education since the 1990s because of increased violence in schools, discipline concerns, and a national call to action for character education.

JLBC Cadets Educators will explore different theories of moral development and identify skills that can be integrated into the classroom. JLBC Cadets Practical application of the concepts shared is an integral part of this JLBC course. JLBC Cadets Teachers will prepare lessons/vignettes that they will use in their classrooms. JLBC Cadets will analyze and critique these lessons to see the value of promoting student character development.

Another aspect of this course is that teachers can be effective models for their students. Therefore, teachers will identify their character strengths and explore how these strengths work to aid the teacher when problems occur in the classroom.

JLBC Cadets The author intends that this course stretch beyond the classroom and that character education be developed into not only a comprehensive school program but involves the community as well. JLBC Cadets Exploring avenues to involve the entire school, parents, and the district are addressed in this JLBC course.

JLBC Objectives

JLBC Cadets Create a definition of character

JLBC Cadets Appraise factors that influence character

JLBC Cadets Explain how character education has changed in schools

JLBC Cadets Evaluate current school policies regarding character education

JLBC Cadets Examine the teacher's role in the classroom environment

JLBC Cadets Develop plans to help students connect

JLBC Cadets Discover strategies to help students care for each other

JLBC Cadets Assess methods to improve the quality of group interaction

JLBC Cadets Analyze six E's of character training

Explore virtues that promote commitment

JLBC Cadets Create procedures for responding when kids don't know the answer

JLBC Cadets Compare strategies for integrating character education into the curriculum

JLBC Cadets Develop lessons that teach moral literacy

JLBC Cadets Implement an honest discussion in the classroom

JLBC Cadets Examine whether teachers should express their views

JLBC Cadets Establish guidelines for studying controversial issues

JLBC Cadets Assess the role of the teacher as the moral authority in the classroom

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