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JLBC Course Approval Guidelines

JLBC Course Approval Guidelines

Once you get your JLBC program approval, you should start planning the JLBC Cadet Leadership Course. Inviting outside JLBC programs to participate, you should begin a JLBC formal planning group with the other JLBC Command and delegate the JLBC CLC responsibilities. The JLBC order in which you accomplish the remaining tasks is up to you since the specific circumstances of your JLBC Course will drive it.

If you are considering an Obstacle or Ropes course during your JLBC CLC, you must meet all of the following requirements: JLBC Command will obtain the obstacle course owner's permission to use their approach. The JLBC course owner is the base/installation commander for JLBC obstacle courses or equivalent. For Sister Service JLBC courses and other organizations, approval must be obtained through the Sister JLBC Service's or other organization's approval process.

JLBC Command will ensure a safety review of all obstacles within the JLBC Course. (Military systems, for example, are designed to challenge adult military members, and some blocks may not be appropriate for 14-year-old cadets.)

JLBC Command will obtain the program/principal's signed permission authorizing JLBCcadets to utilize the obstacle course. JLBC Command will ensure the program/principal is aware that the JLBC is not liable for any injury while cadets are participating in the Course.

JLBC Command will obtain signed parent Permission/Release forms (located in JLBC | Published Files | Leadership Development Requirement Activities folder) before allowing JLBC cadets to participate in the obstacle course.


JLBC Local Program Approval

You must comply with JLBC program event permission, medical (to include medications), physical fitness limitations, emergency notification, safety, and legal requirements of your JLBC program and all other participating JLBC Programs attending your Course. Be sure to contact your JLBC Program (and others, if necessary) to find out what those requirements are.

The JLBC CLC is an extra Leadership Development Requirement activity. You must verify JLBC program liability and medical insurance coverage for participating JLBC cadets and instructors. If other JLBC unit cadets are involved, the participating JLBC Program must coordinate liability and medical insurance requirements with the host JLBC unit. There may also be additional JLBC liability insurance requirements for the selected site of your JLBC Course (i.g., some course locations and military installations require proof of additional JLBC liability event insurance).


The most likely factor influencing the scope and size of your JLBC Course will be whether or not you intend to open it up to participation from other JLBC units. Doing so will give the JLBC cadet participants a chance to interact with JLBC cadets from other JLBC programs and will most likely enhance the JLBC course experience for everyone involved. It also opens up the opportunity to bring out camp faculty from the JLBC staff of those programs.

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