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JLBC Corps: Leadership Roles

JLBC Corps: Leadership Roles

• Provides instruction and counseling to assigned staff officers on the scope of staff functions and effective staff communications

• Ensures proper lateral staff coordination and communications are employed

• Designates appropriate staff section to conduct project planning or to coordinate actions of subordinate units during project planning and execution

• Makes recommendations to the unit commander on staff officer appointment and retention

• Coordinates recommendations for promotions and awards within the staff and submits them through the JLBC Battalion Commander for approval

• Coordinates command inspection program (including JLBC Command)

• Supervises the preparation and delivery of JLBC command briefings to visitors and inspectors

• Assists unit commander as required

• Serves as Commander of Troops at Pass in Review ceremonies

JLBC Battalion Command Sergeant Major

The JLBC Battalion Command Sergeant Major is the senior enlisted member of the Battalion. The Sergeant Major supervises non-commission officers and enlisted cadets and advises the Battalion Commander on all matters about them.

The JLBC Command:

• Senior non-commissioned officer representative and advisor to the commander, especially in matters of training and discipline

• Designs and implements unit NCO development programs

• Responsible for management of the battalion headquarters (staff NCOs) along with XO

• Responsible for keeping high standards of cadet uniform wear and military courtesies

• Assists S-2 in the proper implementation of the safety program

• Helps train and counsel noncommissioned officers and enlisted cadets regarding attitude, appearance, military courtesy, and discipline. Reports severe cases to the Battalion Commander

• Supervises the Color Guard and teams to maintain the highest

standards of training and appearance

• Supervises the flag detail

• Conduct periodic inspections of the JLBC area for cleanness, and ensure needed corrections are made

• Manages accountability activities

• Manages formations and ceremonies

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