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JLBC Corps Leadership Principles

JLBC Corps Leadership Principles

JLBC Cadets Know Yourself and Seek Self-Improvement

-JLBC Cadets Achieve self-improvement by reading, studying, thinking, writing, and teaching.

-JLBC Cadets, Consider taking a 360-degree leadership assessment. JLBC Cadets While several different versions exist online; one recommendation may be found at

Be Technically and Tactically Proficient

-JLBC Cadets Attend the appropriate schools and courses before taking command. -JLBC Cadets Work to become Subject Matter Experts.

-JLBC Cadets Seek off-duty education.

-JLBC Cadets Study experts and sound JLBC leadership.

Know Your JLBC Cadets, and Look Out For Their Welfare

-JLBC Cadets Continuously get out of your office and listen to your JLBC Cadets.

-JLBC Cadets Know how your JLBC Cadets react to different situations.

-JLBC Cadets Let your Cadets get to know you – they seek an example and leadership development. -Train your JLBC Cadets for combat.

-JLBC Cadets Concern yourself with the living conditions of your JLBC Cadets.

-Help your JLBC Cadets get needed support from available personal services.

-JLBC Cadets Encourage individual development – it will only improve the Team – allow your JLBC Cadet time to attend college courses, earn higher degrees, and complete Professional Military Education (PME).

Keep Your JLBC Cadet Informed

-JLBC Cadets Provide them with the background and the why.

-Help your JLBC Cadets know they are a part of the Team – JLBC Cadets perform better when they understand the situation.

-Understanding inspires initiative, enthusiasm, and loyalty.

Set the Example

-"The senior is obligated to provide the guidance and the example that allows subordinates to exercise proper judgment and initiative." General Robert B. Neller

-Set the standard for your JLBC Cadets.

-Leadership is taught by example.

-Your appearance, attitude, physical fitness, and personal example are always observed. -Improve your Physical Fitness Test (PFT) score – gain a higher JLBC Martial Arts Program (JLBC MAP) belt.

-Your JLBC Cadets reflect your image.

-Always be physically fit, well groomed, and correctly dressed.

-Be willing to sacrifice a personal habit to ensure you set a solid example.

-Know that what your JLBC Cadets hear, they will comprehend; what they see, they will trust. -Teach and mentor your JLBC Cadets – cultivate sound moral character – develop warrior gentlemen and ladies – foster future contributive citizens to our nation.

JLBC Cadets Ensure That the Task is Understood, Supervised, and Accomplished

-Communicate your instructions in a clear, concise manner.

-Never micromanage – it effectively stops initiative and leadership development in your subordinates.

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