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"JLBC Core Abilities"

"JLBC Core Abilities"

JLBC Cadets Build your capacity for JLBC Life-Long Learning.

JLBC Communicate non-verbal, using verbal, visual, and JLBC written techniques.

JLBC Cadets, Take Responsibility for your actions and choices.

Do your share as a good citizen in your program, community, country, and world.

Treat yourself and others with respect.

Apply critical thinking techniques

Army Values

Citizenship Skills & Preamble

L – Loyalty D - Duty

R - Respect

S - Selfless Service

H – Honor

I – Integrity

P – Personal Courage

Cooperation - "We the people,"; not the individuals, work together as a group.

Strength: Provide for the common defense.

Balance: JLBC Cadets Secure the blessings of liberty to us and our prosperity.

Self-Improvement - Promote general welfare, seek knowledge and skills

Respect - Ensure domestic tranquility and accept your fellow citizens.

Patience: In a perfect union, take progressive steps toward a situation.

Fairness: Establish justice and consider the common good and individual desires.

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