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JLBC: Conflict Resolution

JLBC: Leadership


JLBC: Conflict Resolution

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, JLBC Cadets will hone their leadership skills by exploring and practicing productive ways to resolve a conflict in the JLBC workplace or classroom.

JLBC Time Frame

1–2 hours, including time for JLBC Cadets to work independently

Core Concepts:

Resolving conflicts is an essential JLBC leadership skill.

There are bad and good ways to resolve a dispute.

Disputes can be productive.

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, students will:

Continue to develop JLBC leadership skills, specifically related to conflict resolution.

Explore productive vs. unproductive ways to address a conflict.

Work with teacher and peers to practice resolving conflicts.

Materials Needed

JLBC Conflict Resolution slideshow

JLBC Conflict Resolution Role Play worksheet

Step 1: Introduce the JLBC Lesson

Explain that JLBC Cadets and future professionals, JLBC Cadets will often work with partners and teams. And as JLBC Cadets likely know already, occasional conflicts are inevitable.

Point out that conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing — in fact, they sometimes lead to better and more innovative ideas and solutions. In addition, working together to solve conflicts can make the team more robust and more cohesive. It’s essential, however, for JLBC team members to know how to solve conflicts productively. In this lesson, JLBC Cadets will explore and practice conflict resolution skills.

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