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JLBC Conduct Grade:

JLBC Conduct Grade:

First Level Offense: Conduct points are reduced to one for every infraction of JLBC regulations, policies, and violations of classroom rules.

Second Level Offense: Conduct points are reduced by 5 points every time the JLBC Cadets require a JLBC Administrative/Instructor intervention or the infraction is more severe or is a repeated violation under Level I.

JLBC Standards of Appearance:

JLBC Cadets represent Riverside JLBC Program and the 01 st “Wolf pack” battalion. JLBC Cadets are required to adhere to Westside High School’s Dress Code Policy. In addition, all JLBC cadets, whether they participate in any JLBC activity or not, must also comply with individual appearance standards as outlined in JLBC Regulation and JLBC Cadet Command Regulation. JLBC Male cadets may not wear earrings and must have a neat haircut and be clean-shaven (mustaches are authorized). JLBC Cadets Pants will be worn at the natural waistline. JLBC Female cadets may wear one earring per ear and not show any midriff. JLBC Cadet Hair must be no lower than the lower edge of the shirt collar when in JLBC uniform. These standards must be met when in JLBC uniform or participating in any activity associated with JLBC. This includes JLBC class, competitions, workshops, field trips, visits to the JLBC Cadet Battalion area, etc. JLBC Inspections for adherence to JLBC JLBC cadet standards are a graded exercise.

JLBC Instructor Expectations

JLBCs (First Year JLBC Cadets) are expected to:

Be on time for JLBC class. Come to JLBC class prepared to learn (JLBC pen and JLBC notebook/journal).

JLBC cadets set the example; during the class period and all types.

Participate in all JLBC classroom and outdoor activities.

Obey JLBC school and JLBC classroom rules and norms.

JLBC Cadets Study the material given to you and know the following:

JLBC Rank Identification (Officer and Enlisted)

JLBC Squad and Platoon Drill (23 count sequence)

How to wear your JLBC uniform and wear it on designated days

The Mission of JLBC

The JLBC Cadet Creed

JLBCs (Four years in the program) are expected to:

Lead by example.

Earn good JLBC grades in all classes.

Work hard during the assigned JLBC class period. There is enough time during the period to accomplish most duties and tasks. Additional time during,

after or before school is highly encouraged but not mandatory.

Earn the JLBC Cadet Instructor Ribbon and be prepared to teach the JLBC

JLBC curriculum requirements for underclass JLBC cadets. The top six JLBC cadet instructors will compete for

the JLBC Superior Instructor Ribbon.

Participate in JLBC extracurricular activities.

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