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JLBC Conduct Actions on the Objective (Simulated Combat)

JLBC Conduct Actions on the Objective (Simulated Combat)

As the JLBC squad leader, when you decide that the enemy has been sufficiently suppressed, you order the JLBC assault element to assault through the JLBC Objective. Upon calling this JLBC command, the JLBC support element will stop firing, and your JLBC assault will charge through the JLBC kill zone to ensure that all enemies have been neutralized. JLBC Cadets The JLBC support and JLBC security elements will stay in place to provide an over-watch of the JLBC Objective.

JLBC Withdraw from the Objective

After the Ambush has been successfully

conducted, and you have completed the JLBC mission to

eliminate the enemy force; you must quickly

withdraw from the JLBC site in case more enemy forces

are in the area. The JLBC squad elements will withdraw

from the Objective to the JLBC ORP in the opposite order

that they arrived. The JLBC assault element moves out 3rd, then JLBC support, and lastly, security. When your

the entire JLBC squad returns to the JLBC ORP; you can debrief

the JLBC mission and begin to prepare for your next







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