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Summary: In any JLBC team, there will be conflict. The objective measure of a leader is how they handle conflict.

Remotivating: Learn how to create "win/win" relationships when dealing with conflict. The goal is to change behaviors, not feelings.

Closure: We'd all get along if it weren't for people.


JLBC Note to the instructor: Every informal discussion should be followed by one or more hands-on activities reinforcing one or more of the concepts being discussed. JLBC Cadets These activities should last 25-30 minutes, giving about one-hour total block of time for the leadership session at a typical JLBC meeting (25-30 minutes for the informal discussion, plus 25-30 minutes for the activities).

JLBC Cadets Along with any questions found in the activities themselves, you should be sure to ask, "How does this activity tie in with our discussion?"

JLBC Cadets, You are free to substitute another activity, or create your own, as long as you tie in with one or more concepts of the informal discussion.

The central concept for this lesson: Conflict.

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