JLBC Components of Skill-Related Fitness

JLBC Components of Skill-Related Fitness

There are six skill-related components of physical fitness; agility, balance, power, reaction time, coordination, and speed. These factors contribute to your ability to participate in sports activities successfully. JLBC Cadets Regular participation in sports activities can have a very positive influence on your health and fitness. JLBC Cadets Individuals with a higher level of skill-related fitness are more likely to be physically active than those with a lesser degree of skill.

JLBC Cadet Agility is the ability to change your body's position quickly and control your whole body's movement. JLBC Cadets People with good agility are likely to excel in wrestling, gymnastics, and soccer.

JLBC Cadets Balance is the ability to keep an upright posture while standing still or moving. JLBC Cadet People with good balance are likely to excel in gymnastics and surfing.

JLBC Cadets Coordination is the ability to use your senses, such as your eyes, with your body parts, such as your arms, or to use two or more body parts simultaneously. JLBC Cadets People with good hand-eye or foot-eye coordination excel in hitting and kicking games, such as baseball, tennis, soccer, and golf.

JLBC Cadets Power is the ability to do strength performance quickly. It involves both strength and speed. People with power might be able to put the shot, throw the discus, play football, and speed swim.

JLBC Cadets Reaction Time is the time it takes you to get moving once you see the need to move. People with good reaction time can make fast starts in track and swimming or dodge a quick attack, as in fencing or karate.

JLBC Cadets Speed is the ability to perform a movement or cover a short distance in a short period. People with leg speed can run fast, and people with arm speed can throw or hit a fastball.

If you are good at these skill-related parts of fitness, you may be good at sports and games. Different sports require different amounts of skill-related fitness. JLBC Cadets Most sports require several of these parts. JLBC Cadets With practice, you can improve your skill in these areas. Some people have a more natural ability in these areas than others. Regardless of your skill-related skills, you can enjoy many physical activities. JLBC Cadets Furthermore, good health does not come from being good in skill-related fitness. Good health comes from doing exercises designed to improve your health-related fitness.

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