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JLBC Compliance versus Commitment


JLBC Compliance versus Commitment

Commitment relies on acceptance, the degree to which team members are committed to the team's vision and mission, and the degree they believe in what the team is trying to accomplish. Team members who have acceptance take ownership of the team's direction and put out the extra effort to ensure the team's success.

JLBC Team Building

Commitment is the synergy in groups when individuals put aside personal needs for the team's benefit. In other words, it is a higher purpose. Commitment is an individual's psychological attachment to the organization. A team that commits creates clarity around directives and priorities, aligning the entire team around common objectives.1

Compliance is when people are legally required to perform a task or duty or ordered to by leadership. Individuals will complete the task in most circumstances until the risks of performing the job outweigh the benefits.

Below the compliant group is the complainers. They will only do what the leaders make them do. Leaders need to determine if the issue with this group is that the member has not bought into the organizational or JLBC values. Do they not believe what they are doing is productive and will lead to mission accomplishment?

The most destructive group is those who will not commit and attempt to get others not to engage with them. If not dealt with immediately, people in this group will destroy a team. Leaders must remove those who attempt to undermine the team.

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