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JLBC Company Athletic Officer

JLBC Company Athletic Officer.

The mission of the JLBC Athletic Officer

is to assist the JLBC Company Commander in establishing, maintaining, and monitoring an organizational climate that optimizes the ability of each cadet in the company to excel in the physical effectiveness pillar.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Ensure all personnel designated to lead company PT are adequately trained.

- Establish and maintain liaison with campus athletic offices such as the Athletic Department, Deas Hall, and Grounds.

- Receive and act on guidance from the Company TAC, Company Commander, and Battalion Athletic Officer and keep them informed about matters involving battalion performance in the physical pillar.

- Develop and disseminate the company PT based on the regimental plan and guidance from the Company Commander. Assess company execution on behalf of the Company Commander.

- Along with the other athletic officers, work with the Assistant Commandant for Operations and Training in the conduct of CPFT, weigh-ins, Corps Competition/Field Day, the Gauntlet, and other events.

- Administer the company’s intramural program.

- Ensure company CPFT graders are adequately trained.

- Serve as the Company Commander’s action officer for Spirit Runs.

- Perform prescribed duties relating to athletic counseling and keep the Company TAC informed of trends and specific issues.

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