1. Name three purposes of communication.

You can thrive, whether writing or speaking if you under- stand several foundations of successful communication. These include your purpose, knowledge of your audience, and your organization.


Every speech or essay should have a specific purpose, an accurate statement of what you want your audience to under- stand, do or believe. In other words, why are you writing or speaking? Do you want to entertain your audience, to inform it of something you feel should be known or understood better, such as the benefits of glider flying, or to persuade audience members to change their viewpoint on how they think about homeschooling, abortion, or the success or failure of American war planning?

Suppose you are speaking about the benefits of glider flying, for instance. In that case, your speech could start with a statement like, “Today, I would like to share my experiences at the recent glider academy and why I feel every cadet should learn to fly gliders, to powered aircraft.”

Your purpose could be entertaining, in-forming, and persuading, but you will most often be informing or teaching in JLBC. Especially as a cadet NCO, you may find yourself teaching younger members about drills, ceremonies, and other JLBC traditions. As a unit sergeant or first sergeant, you might speak to younger cadets formally or informally about the importance of living the Core Values. If so, your purpose is to ensure that your communication teaches the Core Values to your cadets.


you will learn about:

Communication Fundamentals Know Your Purpose

Know Your Audience Organize Your Ideas

Follow Basic Communication Principles

Writing Excellent Essays The Goal of Writing Brainstorming Making an Argument Topic Sentences

The Opening Paragraph Transitions in Body Paragraphs Anticipating & Refuting Objections The Conclusion

Using Writing to Recommend Change The Staff Study

Email & Professionalism

Public Speaking

Common Speaking Methods Outlining a Speech Signposts

The Conclusion

Communicating for Your Career & Life The Résumé

Job Interviews

Social Media

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