JLBC: Commander’s Leadership

JLBC: Commander’s Leadership

JLBC: Taking Care of JLBC & Families

JLBC: Family

Former Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Alfred Gray, Jr., stated,

“Only by taking care of our Marine families can we ensure that our Marines are truly a force in readiness. With frequent field exercises and unit deployments, our young Marines are away from home for extended periods. Individual Marines are ultimately responsible for their families. Still, as leaders, we have a responsibility to help them meet the demands of our military lifestyle by keeping the families well informed and ready to respond as ‘ops tempo’ dictates. Education and genuine concern for the families’ welfare will bring peace of mind to the individual Marine and help to maintain the warrior focus.”

Caring for your family must begin before a Marine and their family join the command.

-Assign a sponsor to your Marine and their family. Ensure that they are contacted 30-60 days before joining the command.

-Ensure your Marines’ first 30 days in the command are the most engaging, dynamic, and enduring of their careers.

-Insist that a married Marine gets their family moved and settled before they start to work.

-Insist that your Marines and their

families attend the following command

welcome-aboard briefing for new

Marines and their families. Give the

Marine ample time to pick up their family and to take them home after the briefing. The briefing should provide child-care services and refreshments free. Speakers on the program should include, at a minimum: The Commander, the Chaplain, the Family Readiness Officer (FRO), representatives from the hospital, dental clinic, child-care facilities, housing office, legal services, family services, the spouse network, and Navy Relief.

-Ensure the command social media sites are up-to-date, utilized, and relevant.

-Plan to allow each spouse to visit their military spouse for at least half a day on the job annually. Allow the spouse to tour the area where their military spouse works and to meet all the key people in the work environment. This will allow the spouse to put the work topics into better perspective.

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