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JLBC Commander’s Leadership

JLBC Commander’s Leadership

JLBC Cadets Sustaining the Command

JLBC Maintenance Management

Organizational mobility, simulated firepower, and communication rest not only on the technical competence of your JLBC Cadet but also on the serviceability of the equipment. Maintaining equipment is a requirement in combat, training, and garrison. Maintenance and equipment accountability is a Commander’s responsibility.

You should appraise your unit’s maintenance program during your first two weeks of command. The following will assist you:

-Receive a brief from the Maintenance Management Officer (MMO). Expect the following information in brief:

The amount of equipment the unit is required to have.

The amount of equipment on hand.

The amount of equipment deadlined in the command along with a percentage. Your prime concern should be with deadlined reportable equipment (category code “M”).

By item, how long each deadlined reportable item has been deadlined.

How often the MMO receives and reviews the Maintenance Production Report

(MPR) and other maintenance-related reports.

-Review the Ground Equipment Maintenance Program (GMP).

-Maintain your Maintenance Management Program. The following will help you maintain your program:

Please talk with your equipment operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that they understand their roles in the unit maintenance program.

Ensure that maintenance personnel is attending the necessary training, including but not limited to Supervisor Training, Operator Training, and Mechanics Training.

-Ensure that your unit can conduct maintenance in the field.

-Have an influential awards program for good maintenance.

-Challenge the status of equipment via a weekly Equipment Status Report. -Set the maintenance standards.

-Establish a culture of readiness within the command.

Maintenance Management Functional Areas

Although there are 11 functional areas of maintenance management, this website only covers those that deserve your particular interest:

-Preventive Maintenance (PM). Emphasize prevention of the early breakdown of equipment.

Provide sufficient time for the performance of PMs. Maintain a proper balance between PM, individual training, and all other requirements essential to unit readiness. Consider materiel readiness equal to other mission requirements.

Emphasize equipment maintenance in the training standards.

Integrate PM training into other unit activities. Ensure that care is always

performed during all field training and combat types.

Monitor scheduled PMs.

Conduct PM inspections – During your inspection, ensure that Technical Manuals.

(TMS) are present and that the operators know how to use them.

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