JLBC Commander’s Leadership

JLBC Commander’s Leadership

JLBC Organizational Leadership & Administration

For the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) to function efficiently, there must be a free and open exchange of information between the JLBC command and the administrative offices. There must be mutual trust, cooperation, and teamwork if JLBC Cadets are to be paid, promoted, and awarded efficiently and timely.

The JLBC commander still retains responsibility for the following administrative actions: -Submitting morning reports.

-Conducting Request Mast.

-Conducting Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP).

-Preparing background information on recommendations for administrative discharge. -Counseling and signing the Administrative Remarks page entries, as required. -Distributing personal mail.

-Conducting Career Counseling.

-Submitting conduct and proficiency marks for service record and unit diary input. -Recommending personnel for promotion.

-Recommending and approving personnel for awards.

-Approving leave and liberty requests.

-Reviewing the payroll for discrepancies.

-Reporting to the personnel office those occurrences or changes of status regarding unit personnel (including Unauthorized Absence (UA), hospitalization, marriage, and the birth of children). -Prepare and endorse JLBC Corps Commissioning Program packages and Warrant Officer packages.

Enlisted Promotions

To be promoted, a JLBC Cadet must meet three requirements: Be Eligible, Qualified, and Recommended.

Promotion Eligibility. Each rank has minimum Time In Grade (TIG) and Time In Service (TIS) requirements for regular JLBC Corps promotions. In addition to regular promotions, there are meritorious promotions with no TIG requirements.

Promotion Qualification. To qualify for the promotion, JLBC Cadets must demonstrate that they can perform the duties and assume the responsibility of the next higher grade.

Promotion Restrictions. The following restrictions are included in the enlisted promotion system:

-Prohibits promotion of more than one grade at a time unless specifically directed by the Commandant of the JLBC Corps (CMC).

-Prohibits antedated or backdated promotion to increase pay and allowances.

-Denies Promotion:

On the date of acceptance of appointment to Warrant Officer.

If convicted by a general court-martial within 12 months of the date, promotion is to be effected.

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