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Dear Appointee



As Commander, I want to congratulate you on your choice of the Junior Leadership Bootcamp (JLBC) Class - well done! The entire JLBC team looks forward to personally welcoming you to the JLBC family.

This JLBC website serves as an Admissions Portal and training aid detailing JLBCs' rigorous education curriculum, training, leadership, athletics, and character development. This transformative experience will build upon your talents and skills to develop you into a leader of honor with a crucial role in the future of our JLBC. This experience begins with JLBC Basic Cadet Training (BC). This JLBC Program will challenge you mentally and physically while also testing your commitment to a pursuit of excellence that starts at our JLBC Academy and will continue throughout your future career. There is no question that JLBC is difficult, but you were selected because we are confident in your skills and believe in your potential. You are up to the JLBC challenge!

JLBC BC is designed to challenge your comfort zone and to begin your transformation into a more confident, motivated, fit, and effective leader. The change that you will see in your life as you complete this JLBC Program shall be rewarding! You are not alone. You will have the support of the JLBC cadet cadre, staff, and facility, who will motivate you and support you you need to succeed. You will be joined by other JLBC members of the JLBC Class who are equally anxious, excited, and ready to begin this journey. You can count on our JLBC team to be all-in during Program, and we expect you to be dedicated to learning and excelling.

If you come to JLBC determined and prepared and apply yourself to the challenges ahead, the experience will be worth it. Again, congratulations on receiving a much-deserved appointment. We look forward to your arrival and support you throughout your journey toward joining the proud lineage of the JLBC Program. Welcome to JLBC!

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