JLBC Command Sergeant Major

JLBC Command Sergeant Major

The JLBC Command Sergeant Major is the senior enlisted member of the JLBC Battalion. He supervises noncommissioned officers and enlisted Cadets and advises the Commander on all matters about them. Specific duties are:

JLBC Supervises Battalion staff noncommissioned officers to be sure they are properly fulfilling their responsibilities. This requires diplomatic coordination with the officer supervisors of the JLBC Battalion NCOs.

Helps train and counsel JLBC noncommissioned officers and enlisted JLBC Cadets regarding attitude, appearance, military courtesy, and discipline—reports severe cases to the JLBC Battalion Commander.

Directly supervises the JLBC Color Guard, Honor Guard, and Saber Detail to maintain the highest standards of training and appearance. Manages the flag detail.

Inspects JLBC Cadet uniforms for serviceability and cleanliness, and compliance with regulations.

Manages the merit/demerit system for all enlisted JLBC Cadets.

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