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JLBC Club Meetings

JLBC Club Meetings

JLBC Cadet Member Greeters will have nametag and greet everyone who enters, JLBC Club members, visiting JLBC Cadets, and non-JLBC Cadet guests. If appropriate, they should introduce a JLBC guest to the JLBC Club President or membership chairperson.

When a JLBC team has red badge members, they should be given preference for this JLBC position to provide them with an opportunity to meet as many JLBC club members as possible.

Someone to manage raffle ticket sales.

Someone to give the thought for the day and lead the JLBC club in our pledge to the flag.

Someone to manage the roving microphone, going around to

each table as guests are introduced and getting the microphone to any person addressed by the JLBC Club President during the meeting.

Introduction of the speaker

Selection of a speaker and their topic.

This is probably the most demanding of these assignments. In preparation for your JLBC team meeting, it is recommended that you ask each JLBC member to come prepared to suggest a speaker. This is each JLBC member’s opportunity to obtain speakers who may want to talk about “dear to their hearts” before the JLBC club. However, the final selection should reflect a consensus of the JLBC team on what they think would be exciting and timely for the JLBC club. Some JLBC meetings during a month will be pre-empted to conduct required arrangements such as the JLBC District Governor visit, the required foundation report, etc. The JLBC Team Leader should check the JLBC Club calendar before their JLBC team meeting for these JLBC events and consult with the person putting on these special events should one be scheduled. The JLBC team retains the responsibility for organizing and supporting these special meetings.

The Two activities occur only once each month.

1. Recognition of JLBC members’ birthdays.

2. Recognition of JLBC members’ wedding anniversaries.

The JLBC team should make some effort to ensure that the person responsible for these two activities is motivated and will make something special out of the occasion.

(You will find Birthdays and Anniversaries on the right side of the club database. You can also email the JLBC club secretary.)

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