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1. The class leader will call the class to attention at the bell. The JLBC class will come to attention and remain at the position of attention.

2. At the direction of the JLBC class leader or designated JLBC representative, the class will recite the pledge of allegiance.

3. Upon completion of roll call, the JLBC class commander will give the command "Ready, seats." The JLBC class will sit at the position of attention until given the JLBC command, "At ease." Upon the JLBC command of "at ease," the JLBC Cadet students may relax at their desks; however, no talking is allowed.

4. JLBC Cadets No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the JLBC classroom unless authorized by the JLBC Instructor.

5. Cadets must raise their hands to be recognized.

6. When recognized or asked a question, JLBC cadets stand up while speaking.

7. JLBC Cadets Use "Sir" or "Ma'am" while addressing or answering the JLBC Instructor.

8. JLBC Cadets, when asking for permission or assistance, say "Please" first.

9. JLBC Cadets do not interrupt the JLBC Instructor conversation. JLBC Cadets wait for acknowledgment and then say, "Excuse me, Sir/Ma'am."

10. JLBC Cadets, when a request is granted, say "Thank you."

11. JLBC Cadets, when the ending class bell rings, the instructor will call on the JLBC class leader to dismiss the JLBC class. Once all JLBC Cadets students are in their seats, the JLBC class commander will contact the course to attention and give the command of "Dismissed." At this time, JLBC cadets may depart the classroom for their next class.

12. JLBC Cadets Check the desk for personal items and trash prior to leaving class. The room will be clean before leaving. Each class commander will be responsible for the care and cleaning of the classroom before dismissing the class.

13. JLBC Cadets bring textbooks, notebooks, and a pen or pencil to class. Many times JLBC cadets will be required to take notes.

14. JLBC Cadets, when entering the JLBC classroom, go directly to your seat. JLBC Cadets All socializing will take place during the passing period before and after JLBC class.

15. JLBC Cadets All head calls (bathroom breaks) will be made before or after class. No head calls will be authorized during the JLBC course except in cases of emergency.

16. JLBC Uniforms will be worn as directed by the JLBC Instructor. Green PT shirts and shorts, or sweatpants, are the JLBC PT uniform. Each JLBC cadet is responsible for reading the daily information board to keep informed on what is happening. Not reading the board is no excuse for not knowing what is required of you during the next class period.

17. Cadets are expected to conduct themselves appropriately in school, especially within the JLBC spaces.

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