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JLBC Classes

  1. Class 3601: Intelligence Analysis: This class will focus on techniques and methods used in intelligence analysis, including data collection, interpretation, and the formulation of intelligence briefings.

  2. Class 3602: Disaster Management and Mitigation: Cadets will learn the essentials of disaster management, including crisis response, resource allocation, and disaster mitigation planning.

  3. Class 3701: Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems: This class will introduce cadets to electronic warfare principles, radar systems, and detection and avoidance methods.

  4. Class 3702: Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Cadets will study the rising role of robotics and autonomous systems in modern warfare, exploring the use, benefits, and ethical considerations of these technologies.

  5. Class 3801: Advanced Military Logistics: Building on the earlier class, this course delves deeper into military logistics, focusing on strategic planning, multinational operations, and logistics in austere environments.

  6. Class 3802: Psychological Operations and Warfare: This class will introduce cadets to the strategies and techniques used in psychological operations and warfare.

  7. Class 3901: Comparative Military Systems: Cadets will compare and contrast military systems worldwide, learning about varying structures, tactics, and doctrines.

  8. Class 3902: Urban Warfare and Operations: This class will provide cadets with a comprehensive understanding of urban warfare's unique challenges and strategies.

  9. Class 4001: Military Ethics and Law of Armed Conflict: This advanced class will further explore ethical considerations in the military, focusing on the law of armed conflict, rules of engagement, and ethical decision-making.

  10. Class 4002: Cadet Corps Graduation Preparation and Career Planning: The final class of the Cadet Corps will prepare cadets for graduation and beyond, focusing on career planning, resume writing, interview techniques, and other skills necessary for pursuing their chosen paths post-graduation.

This curriculum provides the following:

  • An extensive learning path for cadets.

  • Ensuring they are well-prepared for their future, whether that involves continuing education.

  • Entering the workforce.

  • Pursuing a military career.

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