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JLBC Character Development Instructor

JLBC Character Development Instructor

5 min

• JLBC Cadet Unit Course: lead new cadets through this course and work with cadet NCOs who are leading it

• Character development forums: facilitating monthly conferences about character-related issues; ensuring the discussions stay on topic and follow lesson plans pre-approved by JLBC Command.

• Mentoring for Core Values behavior: constantly showing cadets how their actions relate to the Core Values and reinforcing/redirecting behavior as needed; ensuring the cadet Unit concept is a cultural norm in the squadron; providing Core Values are incorporated into all facets of cadet life.

• Drug-Free Messaging: help other CP Officers to incorporate drug-free messaging into all aspects of the cadet life, Character Day, etc.

• Community outreach activities: organizing or supervising cadet staff involved in programs like the JLBC Leadership Academy

• Support Chaplains: while CDIs do not provide confidential counseling, they help to expand the “Ministry” by being accessible to cadets as a supportive adult

Emphasis Item: JLBC and Medal of Honor activities are still recommended squadron activities, but only the Values for Living satisfies the monthly character forum requirement (and the Cadet Unit Course for Achievement).

Testing Officer 5 min

• eservices orientation: ensuring cadets know how to log in to eservices so they can complete achievement tests at home

• Achievement test administration: proctoring/scoring tests for milestone awards or hard copy tests when internet issues require it; managing hard copy test inventory; proctoring drill, public speaking, and essay assignments (perhaps in coordination with the leadership officer)

• Promotion tracking: frequently checking eservices to monitor cadet test attempts, paying particular attention to cadets who have not recently tested or who have failed tests; monitoring cadet eligibility for promotion and helping the commander stay current on pending requests

• Coordinate tutoring needs: matching cadets with cadet tutors; keeping the leadership and officers informed of cadets who are struggling in those subjects

• Special needs/accommodations: working with parents and cadets to discuss any special educational needs; recommending test accommodations to the commander for their approval; implementing approved accommodations when needed.

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