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JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Respect


JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Cadets Last year Cadet Staff Sergeant Mary Trice from Twin Hills Middle School attended her first Summer Camp. JLBC Cadets She was assigned as a squad leader in Alpha Company. The Company Commander was Cadet First Lieutenant Stacy Rodman from one of the military institutes. There was a long-standing rivalry between the members of both units.

From the very first day, there were problems between these two Cadets. Cadet Lt Rodman was very critical of everything that Cadet Trice did or didn't do. It seemed that there were two standards within the company; a very rigid standard for Trice and her squad and a more lax standard for the rest of the company. Other Cadets were also complaining that Cadet Rodman was unfair and insensitive.

C/MSG Fred Brown approached C/SSgt Trice and suggested they play a prank on C/1LT Rodman. He indicated that Trice stole one of Rodman's undergarments and ran them up the headquarters flagpole. While Trice did not like Rodman, she hesitated. Cadet Brown then reminded her of her and her squad's unfair treatment. He encouraged her to put Cadet Rodman in her place for the sake of herself and her team. She said she would think about it.



1. Has anyone ever played a prank on you? How did it make you feel?

2. Why do you think people play pranks on each other?

3. Have you ever been mistreated? If so, explain?


1. Besides a prank, what are other options that Cadet Trice has in dealing with the perceived unfair treatment?

2. What can a leader do to prevent this kind of situation?


1. As a leader at the encampment, how would you respond if Cadet Trice had decided to play the prank on Cadet Rodman?

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