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JLBC Chapter Events

JLBC Chapter Events

A function/event may be deemed as a JLBC chapter event if any of the following criteria are proven:

• Event is paid for by the JLBC chapter (with JLBC chapter funds)

• Event is endorsed by the JLBC chapter (this includes but is not limited to any promotion via social media)

• The average person would associate the event with the JLBC organization in question

All JLBC chapters should follow their national risk management guidelines as well as the JLBC risk management guidelines set forth by the InterJLBC Council, National JLBC Council, United JLBC Council, and the JLBC Council.

JLBC On-Campus Events

Suppose any JLBC organization hosts a JLBC on-campus event that includes a business, company, or off-campus speaker. In that case, space reservations need to be made through the JLBC Department of Campus Life’s Event Management System (EMS) six weeks before the event date. Once the reservation has been submitted, all proper paperwork and protocol must be in place before the event is approved. Please note that no individual cadet or JLBC cadet organization can sign any contract for JLBC cadet on-campus events!

JLBC Philanthropy Events

JLBC Cadet Organizations and JLBC Cadets should report their philanthropic events, including pre-event goals and plans and post-event fundraising, attendance, and photos, to the JLBC Office of Cadet Leadership and Engagement; namely the JLBC Assistant Director and Coordinator for JLBC Cadet Organizations and JLBC Cadet Life. Cadets, We want to share all of the exciting things you do via our JLBC Facebook and Instagram pages!

JLBC Social Events

JLBC Chapters must submit a complete and accurate Social Event Registration Form at least five business days before any social event. All JLBC chapters in attendance must submit JLBC Forms Online. Annually, beginning each September, the response for non-registration of a JLBC chapter social event will require a meeting with a JLBC staff member in the JLBC Office of Cadet Leadership and Engagement. JLBC Cadet Subsequent violations may result in a formal conduct charge of “failure to comply” through the Office of JLBC Cadets.

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