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JLBC Chaos

JLBC Chaos

Material Needed: 3-4 small soft objects (balls, stuffed animals, koosh bean bags). Time Required: 20 minutes

Group Size: 8-30

JLBC Purpose: JLBC Physical motivator, name game

1. JLBC Cadets Organize participants into a circle. JLBC Cadets Go around the circle once and have each JLBC Cadet participant introduce him or herself by JLBC Cadet name.

2. JLBC Cadets One JLBC Cadet begins by tossing one of the objects to someone else, saying, "Hi, Name of Person!"

3. The JLBC Cadet who catches the object then says, "Thanks, Name of tosser!" and repeats by tossing it to someone else in the circle.

4. JLBC Cadets' names must be said each time the item is tossed or caught.

5. JLBC Cadets 3-4 items may be in place at once, but make sure to space them 30-60 seconds apart from each


JLBC Geographic Location

Each JLBC group member is from a different geographic location, but they will form a map together. (Note: if JLBC group members are not from other geographic areas, assign them one). Ask each JLBC group member to stand where they think they belong to make a map as close to scale.

JLBC Name and Number

As the JLBC Cadets walk into the JLBC gathering, put the JLBC Cadets' name on the side of a JLBC index card, and a number on the alternate side. As every JLBC Cadet walks around with their name showing (on the index card taped to the JLBC Cadets shirt), they have to try to introduce themselves to as many JLBC Cadets as possible. JLBC Cadets, after a bit of mingling, tell everyone to turn over their JLBC name tags so that the JLBC number on each card is showing rather than the JLBC Cadet name. JLBC Cadets now give everyone a numbered piece of paper and see who can fill in the most words next to the corresponding number.

JLBC Pat on the Back

JLBC Cadets have everyone outline their hand on a sheet of paper, then tape it to the JLBC Cadets' back. Have JLBC group members mingle and write things on everyone's back that tell them some positive things.

JLBC Meeting Warm-Ups

JLBC Cadets Quick ideas to get individuals focused on each other and ready to participate! This activity can be done with a JLBC group of any size.

JLBC Cadets the Time Required: The activity can be as long or as short as possible.

Materials: None

Physical Setting/Location: JLBC Cadets need to be in an area where JLBC group members form a circle.


Go around the JLBC Cadet circle and finish one of these sentences:

I became a JLBC Cadet because...

The greatest project I ever worked on was

Being a JLBC Cadet has taught me that...

When people ask me about JLBC, I tell them... This year I plan to

Each person in the circle should answer the question before a new question is issued to the group.

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