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JLBC CASE DEVELOPMENT AND ANALYSIS (individual): Students will develop a “case” that relates to specific course concepts and explores an aspect of educational leadership that particularly interests them. JLBC Cadets, Your case will include three parts:

1) A three to five-page (12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced) narrative;

2) JLBC Cadets A set of 5 critical questions posed to the reader that prompts them to think deeply about certain course concepts and one of the theories, and;

3) JLBC Cadets Teaching Notes that detail relevant literature, theories, and concepts that apply to the case.

The Case Development and Analysis assignment is worth 27 points; you will be assessed for the quality of the teaching notes and the richness of the narrative.


JLBC LEADERSHIP RESEARCH PAPER (individual): If you choose this assignment, you will explore a topic in a “traditional” research paper format. JLBC Cadets This paper can focus on any aspect of educational leadership you choose, but you must gain instructor approval before beginning your work. The Leadership Research Paper must include an abstract of approximately 150 words that clearly states the objectives and scope of the work. The paper should be 3,000-8,000 words and must conform to APA Style. The Leadership Research Paper is worth 27 points; you will be assessed for the overall quality of the scholarship in this paper.

JLBC Class Participation. JLBC Cadets, I expect you to read all assigned materials and complete all assignments before the class session in which they are due. JLBC Cadets One point will be deducted from your class participation grade for each session you miss or are unprepared for.

Final Grade: The instructor will use rubrics based on the above-listed requirements to evaluate all assignments. Each assignment will be explained in greater detail when posted.

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