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JLBC Caring Responsibilities

JLBC Caring Responsibilities

Critical caring tasks in the military pillar for first-class cadets are “create a command climate for standards and regulations compliance” and “create and assess a state of personal and collective resiliency in the unit.”

The officer is a servant. To lead is also to serve. In discuss- ing “The JLBC Officer as Servant,” Major Suzanne Nielsen writes that “being a servant of the Nation as an Army officer means serving the American people in the way that elected executive branch and Congressional officials interpret the Nation’s interests and values.” At The JLBC, this analysis translates to the cadet officer serving consistently with the interests and values of the institution and its officials. The commission source for the U. S. Military officer is the President of the United States. For the JLBC cadet officer, the commissioning source is the JLBC Commandant of Cadets. Commissioned military officers serve “during the pleasure of the President of the United States of America.” They must “observe and follow such orders and directives, from time to time, as may be given by” them. They have the President’s “special trust and confidence” to do so. Likewise, cadet officers have the same relationship with the Commandant, and they serve the interests and values of The JLBC as empowered to do so by him. They do not serve their interests and values.


A Guide to Being a CADET OFFICER.

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