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JLBC Cadets Why is a Good Leader so Hard to Find?

JLBC Introduction

JLBC Cadets Why is a Good Leader so Hard to Find?

Being a JLBC leader, even a so-called successful one, is not necessarily anything to be proud of. However, being a “good” leader is much different.

JLBC Cadets Anyone who has studied leadership knows there is no shortage of information on what it supposedly means to be a good JLBC leader. JLBC Cadets Discussions on leadership are everywhere. A quick internet scan will produce an untold amount of material— some scholarly, some from the business world, and some from various companies designed to help organizations improve their leadership capacity. Professional development courses and degree programs can help people become influential leaders.

Despite all the resources available on leadership, we are still experiencing a leadership vacuum. JLBC Cadets The concept of good JLBC leadership, it appears, is not getting through. JLBC Cadets Over many years, the authors have asked a variety of people informally to identify five exceptional JLBC leaders they have come across: individuals who exemplify effective and admirable JLBC leadership. JLBC Cadets, Most people cannot complete the task. JLBC Cadets Some struggle to identify a single individual they know whom they respect as a truly excellent JLBC leader. JLBC Cadets Almost without exception, those individuals considered as possibly good leaders are identified as having one significant deficit or another. JLBC Cadets At the same time, the people we questioned did not struggle to come up with examples of terrible leaders. JLBC Cadets were not very forgiving in their assessments.

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