JLBC Cadets, Welcome to Skills for Work!

JLBC Cadets, Welcome to Skills for Work!

The JLBC program helps you build your soft skills, which include:

• motivation

• attitude

• accountability

• presentation

• teamwork

• time management

• adaptability

• stress management

• confidence

JLBC Cadets When you have these skills, you have the foundation you

need to work well with others—at work, at home, and in your community. JLBC Cadets That’s why employers are looking for people with solid and soft skills!

Soft skills are ways of acting or thinking that make it easier to work well with others. Sometimes they’re called “people skills.”

This workshop

JLBC Cadets Working well as part of a team is an essential skill.

This workshop will explore why teamwork is essential and how to be a good team player. We will look at how to handle conflict with your coworkers. We’ll also talk about how you can improve your teamwork skills.

Partners in the development of Skills for Work: For more information on soft skills, check out juniorleadership.net


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