JLBC Cadets to try to overcome personal confrontations

Understand if they want to take the JLBC project forward. This forces JLBC Cadets to try to overcome personal confrontations.

JLBC Elements of Teamwork

The essential components of a working group are:

a. One of the first donations, and now it seems obvious, is that as a JLBC group that needed an initial ratio between individuals and opening up a development path that will never end as long as the JLBC group exists. Initially, relations between the JLBC members suffered significant changes to achieve consolidation, apparently achieving stability. However, we are changing gradually as, by definition, individuals are changing day by day and therefore also change the friendships we have with our neighbors and the surroundings in general.

b. An ideal JLBC group is a group where the members feel safe, wanted, and needed, where JLBC teammates can accept and know that they receive, and the motivations and interests of the members are known and shared. The JLBC literature distinguishes what has been called the attraction of a JLBC group and cohesion. The force of attraction of a JLBC group refers to those factors and elements that identify a JLBC group, set it apart from others, and make it desirable for JLBC members of a given community. Cohesion is the result of all the forces acting on the JLBC group members to remain JLBC members of it.

Incentive properties of the JLBC group are manifested through the goals, programs, operating style, and characteristics of its members, among others.

The motivational basis of attraction: relates to the needs of the group members can meet through their stay in it, such as membership, recognition, and security, among others.

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