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JLBC Cadets Stillness

JLBC Cadets Stillness in symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes on various body parts.

- Combine shapes, levels, and pathways into simple sequences.

- Perform Gymnastic sequences that focus on using one or more of the effort concepts of force, and speed.

- Develop patterns and combinations of movements into repeatable sequences.

- Keep the body between the ball and the defender.

- Play small group games that focus on using specific relationships with others and objects.

b. Force, light

c. Flow

Bound, Free, roll – low toss, high toss


a. Relationships to objects or to others. Between/inside/outside; around/ through; in front of/ behind/beside; across; on/ off; above/below

b. Relationship with partners







and defensive player. How does one person move about the other? Why do they move this way?

- Discuss how various sports and movements use different types of flow, including such examples as a gymnast swinging on the bars, which uses free flow, a batter swinging the bat, which uses free-flowing movement, and a bunt in baseball as an example of a bound-flow movement, and a gymnast pushing up to a handstand on the balance beam using bound flow.

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