JLBC Cadets Picking Your Friends


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JLBC Cadets Picking Your Friends

When Cadet Smith arrived at the JLBC class at Knight Academy, she saw several of the JLBC Cadets clustered together in excited conversation. JLBC Cadets As she approached, she asked, "What's up?" JLBC Cadet Teller was the first to speak, "Have you heard what has happened to Cadets Megan?"

JLBC Cadets Megan is Cadet Megan Myers, a squad leader in the JLBC 2nd Platoon, Alpha Company. JLBC Cadet Pyke did not wait for the sergeant to answer but said, "She is in trouble; she has been arrested and has to go to court."

JLBC Cadet Marwell was surprised because Myers had never been in trouble and was one of the more promising JLBC Cadets. She asked, "What's Megan done?"

JLBC Cadet Wilcox answered, "She has been hanging out with a group of guys that tend to get in trouble. JLBC Cadets They got drunk, stole a car, and crashed it. Megan had been dating one of those boys and was there, but she was not drinking and didn't know the car was stolen. JLBC Cadets She did get her arm broken."

JLBC Cadet Marwell interjected, "I am sorry to hear that Megan was hurt. I wish I had told her she was in danger by getting mixed up with them."



1. JLBC Cadets How have you found the friends you have now?

2. JLBC CadetsWhat do you look for in a friend?

3. JLBC CadetsHave you got in trouble because of your friends?


1. JLBC Cadets Why should we be careful of those we choose to be friends with?

2. JLBC Cadets If Cadet Sweet's report of Cadet Myers's participation in the events above is correct, why do you think JLBC Cadets and the police arrested JLBC Cadet Wilcox?


1. The Commandant is troubled by Cadet Meyers's arrest and is considering separating her from the JLBC Cadet Corps. Since you are the JLBC Battalion Commander, he has asked for input; what is your recommendation?

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