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JLBC Cadets Name the five stages of drug abuse.

JLBC Cadets Name the five stages of drug abuse.

Experimental use, occasional use, regular use, multiple drug use, and total dependency

What is the definition of addiction?

The inability to stop using a substance.

What is a map?

A line drawing of a portion of the earth's surface, as seen above.

What does the color black represent on a map?

Manufactured features such as buildings or roads.

What does the color blue represent on a map?

Water features such as lakes, swamps, and rivers

JLBC Cadets What does the color brown represent on a map?

Elevation and relief features such as mountain ranges

JLBC Cadets What does the color green represent on a map?

Vegetation such as woods, grassland, brush, orchards, or vineyards

What does the color red represent on a map?

Manufactured features such as populated areas, main roads, or special features

Name the seven citizenship skills.

Cooperation, Patience, Fairness, Respect, Strength, Self Improvement, and Balance

What is discrimination?

Actions or practices carried out by dominant groups or their representatives have a differential or harmful impact on members of subordinate groups.

What is the formula for service-learning?

Orientation and Training + Meaningful service + Structured Reflection = Service learning

What are the five-team positions found in the structured teamwork of service-learning?

Facilitator, Recorder, Reporter, Timekeeper, and Debriefer

What is the key to success in JLBC?


How should you wear the JLBC uniform?

With Pride.

What are the three styles of leadership?

Directing, Participating, and Delegating.

What are the characteristics of good leadership?

Morale, Discipline, Esprit de Corps, and Proficiency

What are the primary concerns of a military leader?

The accomplishment of the mission and welfare of the troops

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