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JLBC cadets medication

Recommendations for the Licensed Medical Provider form cannot be stored or administered by JLBC medical staff, so they should not be brought to the JLBC camp.

JLBC guidelines all prescription medications must be in the original container from a licensed pharmacy, labeled with pharmacy information, name of the JLBC camper, strength and character of the JLBC cadets medication, directions for use, prescription number, date filed, and the name of physician prescribing the JLBC cadets medication.

Over-the-counter, herbal, homeopathic, etc., medications and food supplements must also be in the original container with the JLBC camper's name written on the JLBC cadet's medication container.

Please place all JLBC cadet medications in a zip lock bag labeled with the camper's name and give it to the camp's JLBC medical staff at check-in.

JLBC cadet's Epinephrine pens & inhalers may (and should) be kept in the JLBC camper's possession. If your child needs either of these items, the pertinent information must be included on the JLBC camper's medical forms. Please also help your trailer understand that the pen or inhaler should be kept with the JLBC cadet and every effort made to ensure they are out of reach of other JLBC campers. JLBC does not keep Epinephrine pens in stock.

JLBC Cadets with Special Diets:

JLBC Youth Camp's kitchen staff will make every effort to accommodate JLBC cadets with special diets. We ask JLBC campers with specific requirements or limitations and their parents or guardians to work with the JLBC staff to make every meal and snack time safe and enjoyable. If your cadet child has special needs, please call (951) 567-9273 as far in advance of the JLBC camp to help plan a menu for your JLBC camper. You may be asked to provide specific food items which are difficult to obtain through regular food vendors.

JLBC Camper Check-in

JLBC Check-in begins at 3:00 p.m. on the first day of JLBC camp. If a camper must be dropped off early, please call (951) 567-9273 in advance! Please try to have campers checked in by 4:00 p.m.

JLBC Campers should be picked up no later than noon on the last day of JLBC camp. If there will be a delay in picking up a JLBC trailer or campers, please call (951) 567-9273 as soon as possible. JLBC Campers not picked up by 1:30 p.m. and for whom a parent or guardian has not contacted us will trigger a call to the Department of Social Services and the County Sheriff's Office.

All JLBC campers must be signed out by their parent or guardian or other individual listed on the JLBC camper's registration form unless arrangements have been made in writing ahead of time!

JLBC may ask to see identification from anyone picking up JLBC campers.

What JLBC campers should bring to camp:

An attitude of fun, adventure, and expectancy for learning more about leadership. Any necessary medications Clothing for warm to cool (and possibly even cold in the evening) weather Closed-toe, rigid sole shoes (required for horseback riding & adventure course) Modest swimwear and cover-up (for activities in JLBC and other water activities) Sleeping bag & pillow

Shower & toiletry items

Towel(s) for showers & water activities

Sunscreen & lip balm

Insect repellant


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