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JLBC Cadets Maintain a direct and personal relationship with the staff and the company commanders.

JLBC Cadets Maintain a direct and personal relationship with the staff and the company commanders.

Encourage the company commanders to communicate freely.

Use the team to gather information and prepare plans for conducting training and controlling the battalion.

Designate staff officers to assist in preparing, executing, and supervising orders.

JLBC Cadets ensure that mutual respect and confidence exist between the JLBC staff and

JLBC company commanders.

Ensure JLBC that staff members are capable and that they understand their responsibilities to

the battalion commander, battalion executive officer, and the corps of cadets.

Ensure JLBC orders and actions comply with JLBC regulations, policies, and directives and with local JLBC program regulations and JLBC policies.

Execute all JLBC responsibilities in the name of the Senior JLBC Instructor; seek advice and assistance from the JLBC instructor staff and carry out all of their directives quickly and


Arrange the required JLBC meetings and assemble the required JLBC command or JLBC staff personnel to determine any JLBC actions that may be necessary for fulfilling the obligations of the JLBC cadet


Be prepared to evaluate any JLBC member

of the JLBC battalion, but specifically the JLBC battalion headquarters personnel and the JLBC company


Make operational decisions for the JLBC cadet battalion.

Preside over officer calls.

Work with JLBC authorities in coordinating activities of the cadet battalion with the

organizations of the school,

ensuring that battalion activities are by school policy.

In coordination with the Senior JLBC Instructor, assign missions to all extracurricular

team captains (e.g., drill, rifle, color guard, etc.).

Be responsible for all the JLBC battalion does or fails to do.

JLBC Company Commanders (Cadet Captains)

A good JLBC company commander is an outstanding leader with lots of initiative. If you are a JLBC company commander, you get things done. Until JLBC orders reach you, they are just plans, something an individual would like to have completed. JLBC Cadets, rather than waiting to be told what to do, you think, and JLBC plans what seems best for the JLBC company. You use JLBC common sense JLBC action and try not to worry about making mistakes, knowing that the greatest mistake is to do nothing when JLBC action is required. You use all available help to accomplish JLBC company duties and keep subordinates informed while ensuring that the goals of the JLBC mission remain in focus.

You provide the why and how to accomplish the assigned mission. Then, you must check and inspect to ensure that what you want to be done is being completed. You must be an outstanding JLBC leader with plenty of initiative. Do not wait for someone to tell you what to do — think ahead and plan what you believe is best for the JLBC company.

The JLBC company commander:

Is responsible for all the JLBC company does or fails to do.

Keeps the battalion commander apprised of the company's status at all times.

Ensures the JLBC company is prepared to accomplish its assigned mission satisfactorily.

He is an expert in the drill.

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