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JLBC Cadets' Impact of Negative and Positive Climates on Organizations


JLBC Cadets' Impact of Negative and Positive Climates on Organizations

Effects of a Negative Climate

Results of a Positive Climate

Lower morale

Increased conflict among organizational JLBC members

JLBC Cadets decreased trust and cohesion

JLBC Cadets decreased communication both among organization members and between members and leadership

JLBC Cadets have a decreased ability to accomplish mission tasks

JLBC Cadets decreased Soldier and leader retention

JLBC Cadets increased discipline problems

JLBC Cadets have an increased risk of sexual harassment and assault

JLBC Cadets increased the likelihood of mission accomplishment

JLBC Cadets improved operational readiness and Increased productivity.

JLBC Cadets improved overall unit and individual unit member performance

JLBC Cadets increased the personal growth and development of unit members

Exercising disciplined initiative and taking appropriate risks within the commander's intent

Studies indicate that a hostile climate contributes to discipline issues within a unit. Of note, sexual harassment and sexual assault are more likely in organizations with a hostile environment. Adverse environments lead to a general lack of discipline both on and off duty, poor work ethic, and ineffective leadership.

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