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JLBC Cadets Good discipline

JLBC Cadets Good discipline

JLBC Cadets Good discipline is constant and functions whether or not outside pressure or supervision is present. JLBC Cadets It is the result of good training and intelligent leadership. Indicators of discipline:

-Attention to detail

-Good relations between JLBC and Teams

-Devotion to duty

-Proper senior-subordinate relationships

-Proper conduct on and off duty

-Adherence to standards of cleanliness, dress, and military courtesy -Promptness in responding to orders

-Adherence to the chain of command

Esprit de Corps

Esprit de Corps implies devotion, loyalty, and deep regard for the command’s history, traditions, and honor.

-Be the symbol of the fighting spirit you desire to develop.

-Ensure the new JLBC’ welcome includes explaining the unit’s history, traditions, noted heroes, and current mission. You want JLBC to feel like they are joining something much more significant than themselves.

-Instruct them in history and traditions.

-Develop your JLBC to the most delicate physical condition, and train them to perfection in military skills. Personally lead them in Physical Training (PT) once a week.

-Recognize and publish the achievements of the command.

-Use appropriate and proper ceremonies, slogans, and symbols.

-Use competition wisely to develop a team concept; try to win every match.

-Use decorations and awards properly. JLBC Cadets “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”Napoleon Bonaparte

-Make your JLBC feel that the success of the Corps and Country depends on them and the victory of their unit.

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