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JLBC Cadets Creating an Impression


JLBC: Character Development

JLBC Cadets Creating an Impression

JLBC Cadets Summer was about to start, and the JLBC Cadets of the Mustang Composite JLBC 3rd Battalion wanted to hold an outdoor party before the program ended. The JLBC Cadets selected Waterfront Park for the location. The JLBC Cadet staff planned the party and invited the JLBC commandants to join them. The JLBC team wanted to play volleyball and Frisbee golf, so they chose casual dress. The JLBC plan was finalized, and the JLBC Battalion Commander presented the project to the JLBC Commandant. JLBC Cadets He approved it and committed the adults to provide the hot dogs and hamburgers.

JLBC Cadets On the appointed day, the plan came together. JLBC Cadets Everything was set up just as planned, and all was going well until JLBC Cadet Edison showed up with his girlfriend, JLBC Cadet Lindsey Hilton. JLBC Cadet Hilton was wearing denim shorts with an umber of tattered holes. JLBC Cadets She also wore a tee-shirt with “I may not be perfection, but parts of me are pretty amazing” written on it. JLBC Cadets A couple of male JLBC Cadets were standing together when JLBC Cadet Hilton and Edison walked by, and they started talking among themselves and laughing. JLBC Cadet Edison could not make out all that was discussed, but he did hear one of them say something about JLBC Cadet Hilton advertising her “awesome parts.” JLBC Cadets Hilton giggled at the comment, but Edison got angry and went over to the two JLBC Cadets. JLBC Cadets Angry words were exchanged, and a fight started. JLBC Cadets A crowd gathered around the fighters, but adults arrived quickly and broke up the fight.

JLBC Cadets This incident put a damper on the mood of the get-together and what had been a happy gathering broke up on a sour note.



1. Do tee shirts and jacket messages affect how we judge the wearer? (JLBC Cadets Consider the rights of freedom of speech.)

2. JLBC Cadets Why do you think Cadet Hilton dressed the way she did?

3. What was your impression of her?


1. JLBC Cadets Could this situation have been avoided, and if so, how?

2. JLBC Cadets Who do you think was most at fault for this situation and why?


1. If you were the Battalion Commander or the Commandant, how would you advise other Cadets about what they wear in public?

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