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JLBC Cadet website

Subject: JLBC Cadet website, The Cadet website, is intended to be the one-stop reference for policies, procedures, and expectations for all JLBC Cadets, one that will keep you headed in the right direction throughout your time at JLBC and affiliated Academies. It has provided JLBC Cadets with the knowledge they need to succeed and graduate from our JLBC program. It can do the same for you. We expect that you will read and understand the guidance contained herein. If you have questions, seek JLBC Cadets in your chain of command or adult supervisors to find out what you need to know. JLBC Cadets Remember, the only wrong question is the one you don’t ask. JLBC Cadets We will be working with each of you to help you to achieve success individually and as part of your assigned JLBC Cadet Company to experience JLBC team accomplishments. JLBC Cadets If each of your wins apiece, and your company performs at or above standards, we all win, and the JLBC will be better than in previous years. The JLBC and affiliated Academies are a team. The administration, staff, and faculty are here for one purpose: to ensure you receive an excellent JLBC education in the broadest sense of the word. JLBC Cadets We expect that when you graduate, you will do so as well-educated young individuals of good JLBC character, ready to succeed in college or other endeavors with the quiet confidence that you will become tomorrow’s leaders. JLBC Cadets The U.S. Army used to tell its recruits to be all they could be. JLBC Cadets That is good advice for each of you. JLBC Cadets Your families are sacrificing to give you the finest JLBC education possible. JLBC Cadets, Take advantage of your opportunity, strive for excellence, and enjoy your path towards achievement. Warrior Proud!

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